Alessandro Florenzi Heir to the Throne of Roma | Player Short Documentary | 2019

What I like most about Alessandro Florenzi is his obvious passion for the club and his tenacity on the field.  His stamina is incredible and it shows with his ability to get to the attacking third quickly and then returning back to the defensive half.  

To break down his play, a lot of statistics show he is definitely one of the top full backs in Serie A and potentially even the world and like an aging wine he keeps getting better.

A player like florenzi can be crucial to a squad like Roma’s when there is not much depth in the squad itself since Ale can play many positions.  If an injury were to arrize he can switch positions and take over for the injured player when necessary.  

I expect to see a lot more of Alessandro over the next few years since his contract is locked in until 2023 where he will be 31-years old.  And chances are he will most likely end up being a one man club and possibly retiring a Roman player like Francesco Totti.

In that time I hope to see many more goals like this one against FC Barcelona in the champions league.

What do you guys think of Alessandro Florenzi?  Is he a stud or a dud?  Let me know in the comments below I would love to hear what you have to say.

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