Fabio Quagliarella has Found the Fountain of Youth ● Footie Player Spotlight ●


Today we are looking at Fabio Quagliarella who began his career at Granano in Italy a very small squad.  He later was signed by Torino where he went on to play for eight squads throughout his career so far.  

While at the age of 36 and possibly on the verge of retirement he has definitely found the fountain of youth as the tied 2nd top goal scorer in Italy right now at 16.  Only two goals behind Cristiano Ronaldo with 18.

Currently known as one of the most prolific distance striker in Italy with a brilliant eye for goal.  Also known for his ability off the ball.  With fantastic movement in and around the box he certainly has his positioning down packed.

His stats over the years do not lie.  He has scored 117 times at club level and 12 times for country.

With his career winding down we will see how many more goals Fabio can score.