Mohamed Salah The King Of Liverpool | Goals, Skills & Highlights Player Spotlight

Although managing to get all the way to the final MO Salah was left with a devastating shoulder injury in the 30th minute which left Liverpool without their star player.  They would go on to finish the match with out him and just missing out on the biggest prize and making football history once again.  A huge disappointment for the club and fans.

Because of that injury Mo salah was forced to miss playing time with his country before and during the world cup 2018 which forced them to make an early exit from the tournament.  Egypt without their star player for majority of the first round only managed 2 goals and conceeded 6 and were left with 0 points and sadly eliminated.

Im sure the heart broken Egyptian fans have not seen the last of their Pharaoh.  His goal tally for country is quite spectacular with 39 goals in 62 games , which is quite an accomplishment considering Egypt is not a large footballing superpower.

Not only is Salah a fantastic footballer but he is also a very humble person where he devotes time and money to helping charities in his home town of Nagrig where nearly 65% of the population lives in poverty.  According tok very secretive sources (wikipedia) Mo salah has helped more than 450 families giving them monthly allowences helping them to live a higher quality life.  He has also been noted for helping his government giving them $300,000 to help them out.

He even has a school named after him.  

Not only loved by his country but also by the fans at Anfield.  They’ve even created a chant for Mo Salah stating if he continues to score they’ll convert to Islam too.

So far an absolutely incredible career and still only 26 years old I think Liverpool have a lot to look forward to with Salah and many more great goals to come.

I would love to hear what you think of Mo Salah and his incredible career.  SO please leave a comment down below.

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